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Laramie Plains Museum.

50 States of Preservation: Laramie Plains Museum in Laramie, WY

By Aia Yousef

Located in Laramie, Wyoming, the Laramie Plains Museum (LPM) serves as a repository for the city and region’s cultural heritage.

Photo of Shannon Smith, executive director of Wyoming Humanities.

In Focus

Executive Function with Shannon Smith

The state humanities council in Wyoming helps people Think WY.

Calamity Jane


Myth Versus Truth in the Life of Calamity Jane: Ask Glenda Bell

Calamity Jane spit, gambled, and dressed like a man and became a Western legend.

In Focus

Wyoming's Marcia Wolter Britton

Marcia Wolter Britton explores what matters to Wyoming.

baseball team


Baseball Brotherhood

Wyoming recalls the Hispanic baseball players who made up the Sugar Beet League.