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Articles with keyword "war"

Telling Project performers on stage


Veterans in Tampa Bay Tell Their Stories

The stories on stage reflect the range of veterans’ experiences as well as their similarities.

Tom Wolff photo of William Adams


The Education of William Adams

The new chairman of NEH almost failed out of college. He joined the Army, was sent to Vietnam, and came back a different person.

Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche


Culture War

Hitler's propagandists co-opted key intellectual figures in the Western canon to suit their political agenda.

Scene from the Veterans Play Project


Warriors on Stage

Veterans' voices shape a new play in Minnesota.


Direct from the Front

Since the Spanish-American War, correspondents have balanced loyalty to their country with responsibility to inform the public.


Clash of Empires

Three nations battle for the future of North America in the French and Indian War.


Tracking Lost Empires

From the ruins of Nineveh to the gardens of Bablyon, a new database catalogs monuments at risk in Iraq.