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Articles with keyword "Nineteenth century"



A Museum that Tells the History of Manufacturing from Civil War Rifles to Modern-day Retail

New England mills adapated to the needs of the twentieth century.

Athens Asylum


The Athens Asylum Was at the Forefront of Treatment in the 19th Century

A Victorian asylum has become a museum—and a setting for horror stories. 

Marley's ghost visits Scrooge.


A Christmas Carol Was Not His Best Holiday Novel, Charles Dickens Thought

Charles Dickens wrote many popular holiday stories, but none with the staying power of A Christmas Carol.

Actor Denis O'Hare as Edgar Allan Poe


Edgar Allan Poe’s Hatchet Jobs

A book critic muses on Poe's bilious attacks on other writers, and a new documentary highlights Poe's scrabble for a place in the literary world.

Bookbinding tool known as a fillet


Tools of the Bookbinding Trade Can Be Found in Pennsylvania

Eighteen miles west of Philadelphiia, a collection in a national historic district reveals how you can judge a book by its cover.

Illustration depicting a conflicted person


Historians Disagree About Everything, or So It Seems

There is no shortage of ideas on how to teach American history.

HMS Hermione


Impertinent Questions with A. Roger Ekirch

A bloody mutiny, double identity, and a vicious presidential election. 



The Dismal Swamp: One Road out of Slavery Took You Straight into the Boggiest Place You’ve Ever Been.

Archaeologists in Virginia seek to know more about the lives of slaves who escaped and lived off the land.

Young Frederick Douglass


Frederick Douglass Lived Another Fifty Years After Publishing His First Autobiography

Robert S. Levine answers questions about Douglass as an abolitionist, an author, and a "radical woman suffrage man."

newspaper collage


The Art of Thinking in Other People’s Heads

The addictive qualities of light reading.