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Capturing the History of the Jefferson Lecture

By Anne Dempsey

As we await Anna Deavere Smith's 2015 Jefferson Lecture, NEH staff have been busy digitizing materials from past lectures.


Editor's Note

This issue includes a conversation with the Jefferson Lecturer, and articles on Einstein, Grant, Frost, and painter Archibald Motley.


Stephen Toulmin

Toulmin's journey from physicist to philosopher to ethical theorist: an appreciation by Marx W. Wartofsky.


A Conversation with Stephen Toulmin

Jefferson Lecturer Stephen Toulmin discusses his own philosophy of science with Endowment Chairman Sheldon Hackney.


Excerpts from the Writings of James M. McPherson

McPherson's books capture the complexity of the Civil War and the connections between battlefront and home front.


Touring the Battlefields

A colleague pays tribute to a fellow historian and tireless traveling companion.