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Articles with keyword "high school"


Big Top in a Small Town

Chautauqua road shows keep history alive across America.


On-Site with NEH: A Dakar Journal

Twenty-five high school teachers are immersed in French-speaking West Africa.


Trying to Tame Huck Finn

NEH Chairman William R. Ferris talks with Boston teacher Nancy Methelis about confronting controversy in a classic novel.


Ordinary Virtues

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole talks about cultivating civic life.


Shakespeare Out Loud

A new DVD frees Macbeth from the page and gets students on their feet.


The Trial of Anthony Burns

Students reevaluate the trail of the last fugitive slave and the judge who judged him.

In Focus

Alaska’s Ira Perman

The Alaska council's director is bridging urban and native cultures.


Lending an Ear

Poets and teachers work together to cultivate a love of poetry in students.


Hawthorne’s Virtual Salem

A website offers tools to explore the world of the nineteenth-century author.

National History Day


Historians in Training

Students from around the globe show their mettle at National History Day