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Articles with keyword "high performance computing"

illustration of a 1950s computer


The Rise of the Machines

How to turn language, the core operating system of the humanities, into numbers . . .

Grant Announcement for Humanities High Performance Computing Program

By Brett Bobley

On November 18, I gave a presentation at the Supercomputing 2008 conference in Austin, Texas and announced the winners of the NEH/Department of Energy Humanities High Performance Computing program.

Announcing Two Humanities High Performance Computing Events

By Brett Bobley

As regular readers know, the NEH's Office of Digital Humanities has an ongoing Humanities High Performance Computing (HHPC) Initiative.

CALL FOR IDEAS: NEH Seeking Research Ideas Using High Performance Computing

By Brett Bobley

The NEH's Office of Digital Humanities (ODH) recently launched a Humanities High Performance Computing (HHPC) initiative. As part of this initiative we're offering several grant programs and other opportunities to provide time on the U.S. Department of Energy’s high performance computers, as well as grant money and training. NEH established this program to encourage humanities scholars to think about how high performance computers might help them in their research, and to take advantage of existing high performance computer resources.

HHPC and T-REX in the News

By Brett Bobley


In the May 8th edition of HPCwire, John West wrote a piece called “High Performance Humanities” that discusses the NEH’s new HHPC initiative.  It was great to see coverage of the new initiative in a leading HPC publication.  One of our stated goals here in the Office of Digital Humanities is to inspire collaborations across disciplines.  My hope is that the computing specialists who are regular readers of HPCwire will take an interest in the many computing challenges we have here in the humanities.  In a similar vein, I also note that the Text Analysis Developers Alliance has just announced a new competition called T-REX that hopes to inspire text analysis projects, including those that take advantage of high performance computing.  Over the next few years it will be interesting to see what HPC can bring to humanities research.


NEH Announces Humanities High Performance Computing Initiative

By Brett Bobley

As you may have seen in today's Chronicle of Higher Education, the NEH has just announced our new Humanities High Performance Computing initiative -- HHPC for short.