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Articles with keyword "Founding Fathers"

Painting by John Trumball of Thomas Jefferson and Congress


The History of the Stamp Act Shows How Indians Led to the American Revolution

In the years after the French and Indian War, Britain's strategies to keep its Native American alliances sometimes backfired.


Beyond the Lightning

A new film captures the restless intellect of Benjamin Franklin.


The Inaugural Heroes of History Lecture

Robert V. Remini speaks about the nation's founders.


Upstairs Downstairs

Monticello comes to life in the rooms of its cooks, brewers, blacksmiths, and servants.


Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin learns diplomacy from continental thinkers.


Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton shapes the future of America.

Portrait of Gouverneur Morris


Ungoverned Passion

Founding Father and ladies' man Gouverneur Morris flees revolutionary Paris to discover the delights of central Europe.