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Articles with keyword "Discovery and Innovation"

Montpelier slave quarters reconstruction

Unearthing the lives of Montpelier's slaves

NEH-supported excavations at Madison's Montpelier offer insights into lifestyle differences within the estate's enslaved community

illustration of a 1950s computer


The Rise of the Machines

How to turn language, the core operating system of the humanities, into numbers . . .

David Livingstone c. 1865

Dr. Livingstone, Illuminated

For the first time ever, a team of scholars has made accessible to the public the field diary in which Livingstone recorded his experiences around and during the time of the infamous Nyangwe massacre.

carved stone hieroglyphs on Mayan tomb wall

Royal Mayan Tomb Discovered

By Russell Wyland

NEH-supported archaeologists led by Stephen Houston of Brown University have discovered an undisturbed tomb of an ancient Maya king in El Zotz, Guatemala. The major find was announced jointly by Brown University and Guatemala Ministry of Culture, which authorized the work.

photograph of Charles Darwin's study

Charles Darwin's Personal Library Goes Public

A joint U.S.-U.K. project is digitizing every page of all the great naturalist’s books, allowing readers to search through Darwin’s annotations and re-trace the development of the theory of evolution.

photo of the Great Dismal Swamp

The Great Dismal Swamp

An NEH-funded archaeology project is unearthing evidence -- spanning three centuries -- that numerous oppressed groups took refuge in the swamp, including runaway slaves and displaced Native Americans.

map of the slave trade routes from 1500 to 1900

Voyages: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

Until very recently, many African Americans were unable to trace their ancestors’ first steps in America because so few credible records were available.

Captain John Smith's map of Virginia

Jamestown Rediscovered

The original Jamestown settlement was thought to have vanished -- until an NEH-supported archaeology team unearthed it.

Digging Through Digital Archives

"Text Mining"--Digging through Digital Archives

Searching through a sizable fraction of civilization’s written records before digital technology was like searching a beach for buried coins before the metal detector: a formidably time-consuming and onerous burden with a dismayingly small chance of success.