Bob Coffin

Special Assistant to the Senior Deputy Chairman

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Office of the Chairman

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Bob began doing advance work in 1979 for Ambassador George Herbert Walker Bush’s presidential campaign. He went on to direct George W. Bush’s inaugural parades when he was elected governor and president. Bob has made in excess of 250 trips to 44 states and more than 30 countries on behalf of 22 principals. He has worked on behalf of President George H. W. Bush, First Lady Barbara Bush, President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, President Ronald Reagan, Senator Bob Dole, Senator Elizabeth Dole, Vice President Dick Cheney, The Hon. Lynn Cheney, Secretary of Energy Spence Abraham, Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil, Governor Sarah Palin, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Governor Mitt Romney, and most recently, President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Bob’s corporate experience includes Wall Street, where he traded municipal bonds for a major international bank, and the oil industry, where he raised over $20,000,000 in investment capital. His energy sector experience led to his being named special advisor to the Department of Energy, where he served for a number of years.

He holds a degree in philosophy from Brown University and was ranked number 5 nationally in platform tennis.