Worlds in Collision: Nahua and Spanish Pictorial Histories and Annals in 16th-Century Mexico


Garden City, NY



July 19 - August 9, 2020 Length: 3 Weeks


Summer Program

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Eleven visiting scholars will present research on the “New Conquest History,” exploring the newly accessible archives concerning 16th century Mexico, which include multiple forms (maps, pictorial histories and annals), many by indigenous and mestizo authors. Three weeks of daily seminars, enhanced by frequent roundtable discussions, will explore the ways in which these newly translated and interpreted documents can be integrated into existing and/or new curricula involving the encounter of cultures in 16th century Mexico. We will make a special outreach to seek applicants from community colleges, including adjunct faculty and qualified graduate students.

Project Director(s)

Laraine Anne Fletcher, George Scheper

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Rolena Adorno, Frances F. Berdan, Amber Brian, Lori Boornazian Diel, Jeanne L. Gillespie, Dana Leibsohn, Barbara Mundy, Matthew Restall, Susan Schroeder, Kevin Terraciano, Stephanie Wood

Grantee Institution

Adelphi University