Voices of the Ancients: Archaeology and Oral Tradition in the American Southwest


Residential/Cedar City, UT



June 20-26, 2021; July 11-16, 2021 Length: 1 Week


Summer Program

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Samantha Kirkley



In this new project, participants will investigate the ancient Fremont culture, a group of people who lived in what is now Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado from about CE 1 to 1200 before severe drought disrupted their way of life. The Fremont were contemporaries of the Mississippian culture at Cahokia and the Ancestral Puebloans at Mesa Verde. Several American Indian tribes consider the Fremont people to be their ancestors. Using Project Archaeology curricula as a foundation, program participants will engage in archaeological inquiry, archival research, and GIS; explore rich cultural landscapes; and, enjoy meaningful interactions with tribal elders.

Project Director(s)

Samantha Kirkley, Jeanne Moe

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Jeanne Moe; Samantha Kirkley; Courtney Agenten; Alexis Nicolas; Barbara Frank; David Maxwell; Paula Mitchell; Richard Talbot; Tim Riley; Charmaine Thompson; Virgil Johnson; Eleanor Tom; Rick and Rena Pikyavit

Grantee Institution

Southern Utah University