Slavery in the Colonial North


Pocantico Hills, NY



July 14, 2019 - July 20, 2019 (1 week)


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Slavery in the Colonial North explores both the institutional and personal sides of enslavement, understanding how slavery emerged under Dutch law and expanded and became codified under English rule. The institute presents the institution of slavery as interwoven throughout colonial development, as opposed to its usual compartmentalization in the antebellum South. The institute makes significant use of the historic site Philipsburg Manor, an 18th-century provisioning plantation, and includes a day trip into New York City, to explore how slavery underpinned the city’s—and the colony’s—earliest development. The institute balances historic content with classroom application and contemporary connections.

Project Director(s)

Jacqueline Simmons; Leslie Harris

Visiting Faculty

Myra Armstead; Daina R. Berry; James DeWolf Perry

Grantee Institution

Historic Hudson Valley

Funded through the Division of Education Programs