Roman Daily Life in Petronius and Pompeii


St. Peter, MN



July 13 - July 31, 2020 Length: 3 Weeks


Summer Program

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Matthew Panciera



This summer seminar will provide teachers the opportunity to study Roman Daily Life through Petronius' novel Satyricon and material culture from the city of Pompeii. The novel will be read in Latin, to provide opportunity for translation. Pompeii will be studied through its archaeological history and graffiti. Therefore, the seminar will bring together two of the methods for studying Roman history--which are usually done in isolation. Seminar participants will also have the opportunity to select and focus on a particular people group in relation to rarely studied daily Roman life: women, slaves, or freedmen, for example.

Project Director(s)

Matthew Panciera

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Rebecca Benefiel, Jeremy Hartnett, Beth Severy-Hoven

Grantee Institution

Gustavus Adolphus College