Religion, Secularism, and the Novel


Iowa City, IA



July 14, 2019 - August 2, 2019 (3 weeks)


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Postsecular studies calls for richer scholarly accounts of the religious and the secular: accounts that don’t assume the decline of religion in modernity, but that identify its manifold metamorphoses under secularizing cross-pressures. Studying Robinson Crusoe, Silas Marner, Dracula, On the Road, and Marilynne Robinson’s Home alongside a range of interdisciplinary work, this seminar asks whether the novel is a secularizing genre and explores nonbinary ways of understanding secular and religious elements in these texts. This three-week seminar considers a range of new scholarship on postsecular studies and the novel and provides a stimulating environment for developing participants’` individual projects.


Project Director(s)

Lori Branch; Mark Knight

Visiting Faculty

Charles LaPorte; Rita Felski

Grantee Institution

University of Iowa

Funded through the Division of Education Programs