Privilege and Prejudice: Jewish History in the American South


Charleston, SC



May 26, 2019 - June 7, 2019 (2 weeks)


Summer Program

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Privilege and Prejudice aims to revise understandings of the entwined histories of the American South and its Jewish inhabitants. Our inquiry shifts Jews from the margins of the story to the center, demonstrating the region’s cosmopolitan past and its relationship to both diversity and discrimination. The institute will prepare college and university teachers of southern or American history to incorporate Jewish history into their courses, expose Jewish studies scholars to the geographic range of American Jewish history, and encourage public historians to showcase cultural, ethnic and religious groups in their local settings.

Project Director(s)

Shari Rabin; Dale Rosengarten; Michael R. Cohen; Harlan Greene; Theodore Rosengarten; Bernard Powers

Visiting Faculty

Jonathan Sarna; Adam Mendelsohn; Jenna Weissman Joselit; Eric Goldstein; Marni Davis; Marcie Cohen Ferris. Presenters: Brent Morris; Billy Keyserling; Anita Rosenberg; Randi Serrins; Hannah Raskin

Grantee Institution

College of Charleston

Funded through the Division of Education Programs