New Orleans: Music, Culture and Civil Rights


New Orleans, LA



June 24-28, 2019 or July 8-12, 2019 (1 week)


Summer Program

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"New Orleans: Music, Culture, and Civil Rights" is an immersive, week-long workshop that will introduce participants to the evolution of New Orleans music and culture, from the city's earliest beginnings to present day. This development will be situated within historical contexts in relation to the evolution of human and civil rights, visiting significant sites throughout the city. Built on an inquiry-driven practice and drawing from the knowledge and spirit of cutting-edge scholars, luminous performers, local civil rights leaders and the workshop co-directors, these experiences promise to nourish, challenge, and inspire teachers, and in turn enrich their classrooms.

Project Director(s)

Rebecca Snedeker; Sonya Robinson; Bruce Sunpie Barnes

Visiting Faculty

Laura Rosanne Adderley; Shannon Blady; Rachel Breunlin; Nikki Brown; Courtney Bryan; Freddi Evans; Brooke Grant; Luther Gray; Fred Johnson; Wendi Moore O'Neal; Jamilah Peters-Muhammad; Matt Sakakeeny; Preservation Hall; Doratha Smith-Simmons; Jerome Smit

Grantee Institution

Tulane University