The Most Southern Place on Earth: Music, Culture, and History in the Mississippi Delta


Cleveland, MS



June 16-22, 2019 or July 7-13, 2019 (1 week)


Summer Program

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Two one-week Landmarks workshops for 72 school teachers on the history and culture of the Mississippi Delta. This 2019 workshop will educate participants about the important role that the Mississippi Delta has played in American history, a role that sometimes is overlooked. Our approach is highly experiential and engages Delta residents and members of the Delta diaspora in telling heritage stories in the places where they happened. Major themes include rivers, cotton agriculture, the Blues, the Great Migration, the Civil Rights Movement, foodways, spirituality, and diverse ethnic influences on the region's culture. 

Project Director(s)

Rolando Herts; Lee Aylward

Visiting Faculty

Bill Abel; Lee Aylward; Reggie Barnes; David Evans; Rolando Herts; Bill Lester; Charles McLaurin; Jerry Mitchell; Benjy Nelken; Wheeler Parker; Alvin Sykes; Charles Reagan Wilson; Edgar and Inez Smith; John Strait; Brian Wintory; Raymond Wong; Cathy Wong

Grantee Institution

Delta State University