Living and Writing Deliberately: The Concord Landscapes and Legacy of Henry Thoreau


Concord, MA



July 14-19, 2019 or July 21-26, 2019


Summer Program

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978-369-9763 ext. 218

Here is an opportunity to study Thoreau in his own hometown of Concord, Massachusetts. Participants will focus on how Thoreau’s ideas were shaped by his life in this New England community. We will visit the places where Thoreau’s experiences took place, examine his writing process, and explore the deliberate choices he made to live ethically and responsibly as part of both human society and the natural environment. Our investigation of and immersion in the historic landscapes of Thoreau’s Concord can bring an understanding of the man – his life and literature – that can only happen by being in those actual places.

Project Director(s)

Jayne Gordon

Visiting Faculty

Jeff Cramer; James Finley; Johanna Glazer; Robert Gross; Richard Higgins; Kristi Martin; Sandra Petrulionis; Robert Thorson; Laura Dassow Walls; David Wood

Grantee Institution

Concord Museum