From Immigrants to Citizens: Asian Pacific Americans in the Northwest





June 27-July 3, 2021; July 18-24, 2021 - Length: 1 week


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Asian and Pacific Islander Americans play and have played significant roles in the transformation of regions, cities, and communities. These immigrants, refugees and citizens are greatly ignored in the discourse on which peoples helped build America; whether the railroads, in mining, salmon or other fisheries, aquaculture, aviation, civil rights and social change. The Wing’s week-long Landmarks programs focus on the themes of Immigration and Exclusion (mid-1880s-1924), Struggles and Contributions of Laborers (1870-present), and Representation and Memorialization (1898-present). We will focUS on the hidden histories of the earliest Native Hawaiians through the Chinese, South Asian, Filipino, Korean and Japanese immigrant laborers. 

Project Director(s)

Rahul Gupta; Charlene Mano Shen

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Julie Kang; Erika Lee; Gary Y. Okihiro; Dorothy Cordova; Dorothy Fujita-Rony; Madeline Y. Hsu; Moon-Ho Jung; Ken Mochizuki; Jasmit Singh; Zhi Lin; Cindy Domingo; Chevi Chung; Bettie Luke

Grantee Institution

Wing Luke Museum