Hoover Dam and the Shaping of the American West


Residential/Las Vegas and Boulder City, NV



June 27-July 9, 2021 (2 Weeks)


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Hoover Dam and the Shaping of the American West explores the societal consequences (positive and negative) of Hoover Dam’s construction. Throughout the program, scholars will lead a variety of sessions that center on three central themes: technology, environment, and human communities. We will consider such ideas as the role of Hoover Dam in the development of the American southwest, how Hoover Dam’s construction reflects broader issues of early 20th century American society, and the legacy of Hoover Dam (and other large water infrastructure projects) for future generations.

Project Director(s)

Anthony Arrigo

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Anthony F. Arrigo; Michale Green; Jeffrey Hinton; William Bauer; DeAnna Beachley; Sally Denton; Paul Gilmore; Karen Harry; Donald C. Jackson; Andrew Kirk; John W. Shields; Michelle Follette Turk; Claytee White; Richard Guy Wilson

Grantee Institution

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Funded through the Division of Education Programs