Heart Mountain, Wyoming, and the Japanese American Incarceration





June 21-25, 2021; July 19-23, 2021 (1 week)


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Heart Mountain, Wyoming, and the Japanese American Incarceration will bring educators for grades 5-12 from around the country to Heart Mountain, one of the 10 incarceration sites for Japanese Americans forced from the West Coast during World War II. Participants will learn about the Japanese American experience in the U.S., their forced removal and incarceration and the conditions that made it possible. They will examine the incarceration’s cause, course, consequence and the long-term effect on the community. Participants will explore underlying histories and federal policies all set in a Wyoming landscape that saw similar struggles between white and native populations. 

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Ray Locker; Tyson Emborg; Shirley Ann Higuchi; Doug Nelson; Sam Mihara; Mike Mackey; Mary Keller; Noriko Sanefuji; Erin Aoyama; Hanako Wakatsuki; Aura Newlin; Karen Korematsu; Donna Nagata; Arthur Hansen; Duncan Williams; Franklin Odo; Hana Maruyama; Amy McKinney

Grantee Institution

Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation