Engaging Geography in the Humanities


Boston, MA



July 6 - July 24, 2020 Length: 3 Weeks


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This Institute will explore the possibilities and productive tensions at the intersection of geography and the humanities. Through engagement with readings, lectures, discussions, workshops, and field visits, the Institute will introduce university and college faculty from the humanities and related disciplines to concepts and methods from geography, as participants and faculty collectively think through how these approaches can enhance their own research and teaching. The institute has three related aims: to explore the foundational understandings of space and place in an interdisciplinary context; to encourage public-facing scholarship by humanities scholars within their immediate communities; and to introduce participants to the new possibilities opened by digital technology and methods used in spatial representation and analysis.

Project Director(s)

Cameron Blevins, Serena Parekh, Liza Weinstein

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Nicole Aljoe, Ulka Anjaria, Asha Best, Marty Blatt, Victoria Cain, Sharad Chari, Tim Creswell, Kate Derickson, Elizabeth Dillon, Kendra Field, Kerri Greenridge, John Kaag, Kathleen Kelly, Shannon Mattern, Jim McGrath, Dan O’Brien, Chris Parsons, Suzanna Walters

Grantee Institution

Northeastern University