Discovering Native Histories along the Lewis and Clark Trail


Billings, MT to Bismarck, ND



June 30, 2019 - July 21, 2019 ( 3 weeks)


Summer Program

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In this immersive experience on the Lewis and Clark Trail (a National Park), twenty-five K-12 teachers will explore this and other parks, museums, tribal colleges, and indigenous communities as part of a hands-on educational journey to discover Native histories and indigenous viewpoints about the coming of Europeans. Participants will interact with Native elders and educators along the way, as well as in seminars led by university professors in Billings and Bismarck, bracketing the journey. At the final stop, the North Dakota Heritage Center, teachers will collaborate in the creation of interdisciplinary lessons that draw from their experiences. 

Project Director(s)

Stephanie Wood

Visiting Faculty

Shane Doyle (Apsáalooke), Joseph McGeshick (Sokaogon Chippewa), Rose Williamson (Apsáalooke), Calvin Grinnell (Hidatsa), Loren Yellow Bird (Arikara), Carmelita Lamb (Lipan Band of Apache), Michael Taylor, Dakota Goodhouse (Lakota), among others

Grantee Institution

University of Oregon

Funded through the Division of Education Programs