David Hume in the 21st Century: Perpetuating the Enlightenment


Portland, OR



July 13 - August 7, 2020 Length: 4 Weeks


Summer Program

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Angela Coventry



Elizabeth Radcliffe


This Institute is designed to study multidisciplinary perspectives on the work of eighteenth-century Enlightenment giant, David Hume. It features a rotating faculty of twelve eminent scholars. While we will explore Hume’s impact in epistemology, ethics, history, and economics, a notable feature is its focus on the implication of Hume’s thought in non-traditional areas. Faculty will address Hume’s approach in relation to Eastern thought, the status of women (including early modern woman philosophers' responses to Hume), race, the status of animals, and the environment. Participants will also have opportunities for small group discussions with faculty while enjoying the environs of beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Project Director(s)

Angela Coventry, Elizabeth Radcliffe

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Deborah Boyle, Marina Frasca-Spada, Jay L. Garfield, Don Garrett, Paul Russell, Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Margaret Schabas, Lisa Shapiro, Mark Spencer, Andrew Valls, Carl Wennerlind, Andre Willis

Grantee Institution

Portland State University