Contested Territory: America’s Involvement in Vietnam, 1945-1975


Research Triangle Park, NC



July 20 - July 31, 2020 Length: 2 Weeks


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"Contested Territory: America’s Involvement in Vietnam, 1945–1975" explores worlds transformed through radical social change and the tense relations such change produced. Through a variety of humanities lenses, we will question the dominant understanding of why and how America arrived in Vietnam during the Johnson administration. Our goal is to counterbalance the linear narrative that follows Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Tet, Nixon, and the fall of Saigon with an exploration of the complex human and cultural landscapes of Southeast Asia. Understanding the region’s geography and history allows us to investigate relevant global dynamics, such as decolonization and the Cold War—and to generate humanities-based resources and materials enabling students to draw evidentiary conclusions.

Project Director(s)

Christian Lentz, Andrew Mink

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

John Balaban, Chris Bunin, Jessica Chapman, Kimloan Hill, Mai Na Lee, Morgan Pitelka, William Sturkey, Ben Tran, Julie Voelker-Morris, Tuong Vu

Grantee Institution

National Humanities Center