Citizens Fighting for Civil Rights: The Places, Faces, and Cases that Changed a Nation





July 11-23, 2021 (2 weeks)


Summer Program

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Summer Program Audience


Jada Kohlmeier


7-12 grade Social Studies teachers will be recruited to come to Auburn, Alabama for a two-week summer institute focused on Landmark Supreme Court cases that originated in Alabama. Participants will learn from Constitutional scholars, historians, teacher educators, law librarians, and field trips the fundamental civil rights established in four cases involving right to counsel, gender equality in the workplace, freedom of association, and racial gerrymandering. Participants will experience lessons as learners on four Supreme Court cases and then work independently or collaboratively to develop lessons relevant to their own coursework on these or other Supreme Court cases.

Project Director(s)

Jada Kohlmeier; Steven Brown

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Jada Kohlmeier; Steve Brown; David Carter; Melissa Blair; Michael Perry; Robert Poch; Joseph Levin; Frye Gaillard; Jesús Tirado; Nick Phillips

Grantee Institution

Auburn University

Funded through the Division of Education Programs