American Women in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars


New York, NY



July 15, 2019 - August 2, 2019 (3 weeks)


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How did American women experience and participate in wartime—politically, socially, and militarily? This institute will focus on the American Revolution and Civil War as case studies for reconsidering the American past. Both conflicts marked turning points for American women, but remain predominantly male narratives. Yet the fundamental questions raised by war—about the authority and purpose of government, definitions and duties of citizenship, and conceptions of patriotism and morality—affected men and women alike. Teachers will engage in discussions with renowned historians, examine one-of-a-kind primary sources, and explore historic sites in New York City to bring fresh perspectives on American, military, and women’s history.

Project Director(s)

Carol Berkin; Mia Nagawiecki

Visiting Faculty

Deirdre Cooper Owens; Barbara Krauthamer; Holly Mayer; Alyssa Mt. Pleasant; Denver Brunsman; Mary Beth Norton; Lucia McMahon; Leigh Fought; Tera Hunter; Jessica Millward; Stephanie McCurry; Judith Giesberg; Catherine Clinton; Nina Silber; Martha Hodes

Grantee Institution

New-York Historical Society

Funded through the Division of Education Programs