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NEH & Reference Works

NEH is a major force behind the production of some of the most highly acclaimed, authoritative, and reader-friendly reference materials in the world. Selected examples are listed below.

AHA Guide to Historical Literature
The collective opinion of the historical profession on the foremost books and journal literature written on history.
Oxford University Press, 1995, ISBN-10: 0195099532, ISBN-13: 978-0195099539

Alaska at 50: The Past, Present, and Future of Alaska
A commemoration of the first 50 years of Alaskan statehood, Alaska at 50 features entries in three sections: art, culture, and humanities; law, economy, and politics; and environment, people, and place.
University of Alaska Press, 1999, ISBN-10: 1602230617, ISBN-13: 978-1602230613

American Fiction, 1901-1925
A record of first printings of American fiction published between 1901 and 1925.
Cambridge University Press, 1997, ISBN-10:0521434696, ISBN-13: 978-0521434690

American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films Produced in the United States
A decade-by-decade record of all publicly shown features, serials, shorts, and newsreels. Information about online access via subscription at:

The American Midwest: An Interpretive Encyclopedia
A comprehensive volume that looks at the Midwest as a distinct and complex region occupied by people of varied ethnic and social backgrounds. Indiana University Press, 2006, ISBN-10: 0253348862, ISBN-13: 978-0253348869

American National Biography
Profiles of almost 19,000 men and women who have influenced American history and culture.
Oxford University Press, 24 volumes, 1999, ISBN-10: 0195206355, ISBN-13: 978-0195206357, information about online access via subscription at:

Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, Map-by-Map Directory
A compendium of ninety-nine color maps that illustrate the world as it was known by the Greeks and Romans from 1000 B.C.E. to 640 C.E.
Princeton University Press, 2000, ISBN-10: 069103169X, ISBN-13: 978-0691031699

The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Series
A collection of maps that chart the creation and boundary changes of every county in the United States, from the earliest county creation in the 1600s to 2000. Free online access at:

Bibliography of Early American Law
An annotated log of the monographic and trial literature of American law published in America and abroad, from its beginnings to the end of 1860.
William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1998, ISBN-10: 1575882337, ISBN-13: 978-1575882338

Buildings of the United States: Buildings of Nevada
An overview of Nevada’s diverse architecture that ranges from arid desert dwellings to the swank casino resorts on Las Vegas’s Strip.
Oxford University Press, 1st edition, 2000, ISBN-10: 0195141393, ISBN-13: 978-0195141399

The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
A lexicon of Akkadian, the earliest known Semitic language, with English translations of cited texts. Information about this series can be found at: Free online access to searchable PDFs of the volumes is provided.

A Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon
A lexicon of texts written beginning around 900 B.C.E. in Aramaic, the language of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, as well as portions of the Old Testament. Free online access at:

Connecticut Speaks for Itself: Firsthand Accounts of Life in the Nutmeg State from Colonial Times to the Present Day
An anthology of the history of Connecticut, as told through excerpts from primary sources, pictures, and photographs. Connecticut Humanities Council, 1996, ISBN-10: 0910721009, ISBN-13: 978-0910721004

Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions
A compilation of entries that also contain helpful information on proper inflection of this Central American hieroglyphic system. Information about this multi-volume print series is available at:

Database of Classical Bibliography/L’Année philologique
A database of the scholarly record of research on Greco-Roman antiquity. Information about the print series at:   Information about online access via subscription at:

Dictionary of American Regional English
An analysis of the regional and folk varieties of American English, illustrated using oral surveys, written works, and computer-generated maps.
Harvard University Press, 5 volumes, 1985-2011, ISBN-10: 0674008847, ISBN-13: 978-0674008847; information about this series is available at:

Dictionary of Louisiana Creole
A lexicon of Louisiana Creole supplemented by a grammatical sketch of the language,a guide to variant pronunciations, English and French meaning equivalents, and examples of folklore, traditional medicine, religious beliefs, and agricultural practices.
Indiana University Press, 1998, ISBN-10: 0253334519, ISBN-13: 978-0253334510

Dictionary of Old English
A dictionary of English based upon historical records written between 600 and 1150 C.E. Free online access at:

Encyclopedia of Alabama
A collection of entries on the history, culture, geography, and natural environment of Alabama. Free online access at:

Encyclopedia of Appalachia
A guide to Appalachia’s history, land, culture, and people, covering all thirteen states that constitute this region.
University of Tennessee Press, 2006, ISBN-10: 1572334568, ISBN-13: 978-1572334564

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture
An online reference work featuring articles on history, geography, and culture of the twenty-fifth state. Free online access at:

Encyclopedia of Chicago
A one-volume work that covers the full range of Chicago’s neighborhoods and ethnic groups as well as topics related to the city’s history and culture.
University Of Chicago Press, 1st edition, 2004, ISBN-10: 0226310159, ISBN-13: 978- 0226310152; free online access at:

Encyclopedia of Indianapolis
A collection of twenty-two essays and 1,600 entries that provides a comprehensive overview of the city.
Indiana University Press, 1994, ISBN-10: 0253312221, ISBN-13: 978-0253312228

Encyclopaedia Iranica
A comprehensive research tool dedicated to the study of Iranian civilization in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. Information about the print series and free online access at:

The Encyclopedia of Islam
A compendium of articles on all aspects of Islam, supplemented by figures, line drawings, genealogical tables and maps, and extensive, fully searchable bibliographies. Information about the print series and online access via subscription at:

Encyclopedia of New England
A thematically arranged reference work on the history and culture of the six states that make up this region.
Yale University Press, 2005, ISBN-10: 0300100272, ISBN-13: 978-0300100273

Encyclopedia of New Jersey
A one-volume resource for readers interested in the history and culture of the Garden State.
Rutgers University Press, 1st edition, 2004, ISBN-10: 0813533252, ISBN-13: 978-0813533254

Encyclopedia of New York City
A one-volume work covering the people, institutions, and culture of the five boroughs of New York City.
Yale University Press, 1st edition, 1995, ISBN-10: 0300055366, ISBN-13: 978-0300055368

The Encyclopedia of New York State
Over 1,500 entries on places in the state of New York and 3,000 on a wide range of other topics, accompanied by maps, photos, illustrations, and tables. Syracuse University Press, 2005, ISBN-10: 081560808X, ISBN-13: 978-0815608080

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture
A two-volume work that covers the geography, history, and culture of Oklahoma and its people. Information about the print volumes and free access at: http://

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
The encyclopedia, organized around themes such as manners, the mythic South, and black life, covers every aspect of Southern culture.
The University of North Carolina Press, 2nd edition, 1989, ISBN-10: 0807818232, ISBN-13: 978-0807818237

Encyclopedia Virginia
An online reference work that focuses on Virginia’s people, history, government, economy, and culture. Free online access at:

e-WV (Encyclopedia of West Virginia)
A comprehensive reference resource for the people of the Mountain State, featuring entries on people, places, history, arts, science, and culture. Free online access at:

Going on 200: Century-Old Businesses in Kentucky
Essays and photographs on a selection of the many century-old businesses sustaining Kentucky.
Harmony House Publishers, 2003, ISBN-10: 1564691071, ISBN-13: 978-1564691071

An informational resource on the history, culture, environment, and modern-day society of Guam. Free online access at:

Historical Atlas of Political Parties in the United States Congress, 1789-1989
A record of every congressional election for each ward, city, county, and state in the United States, through 1989.
Prentice Hall College Division, 1989, ISBN-10: 0029201705, ISBN-13: 978-0029201701

The History of Cartography
A multi-volume work that looks at maps in the context of the societies that made and used them.
University of Chicago Press, 3 volumes, 1987-2007, ISBN-10: 1412811546, ISBN-13:978-1412811545; information about this series is available at:

International Encyclopedia of Dance
A compendium of two thousand articles that cover dance around the world and throughout history, highlighting specific dance forms, music and costumes, dance performances, and biographies of dancers and choreographers.
Oxford University Press, 2004, ISBN-10: 0195173694, ISBN-13: 978-0195173697

Itzaj Maya-Spanish-English Dictionary / Diccionario maya itzaj-españolinglés
A lexicon of Itzaj Maya, an endangered member of the Yucatecan branch of the Maya language family.
University of Utah Press, 1997, ISBN-10: 0874805503, ISBN-13: 978-0874805505

KnowLA Online Encyclopedia
A scholarly resource on the history and culture of Louisiana, KnowLA features scholarly, peer-reviewed entries in six subject areas, as well as an image archive. Free online access at:

Maryland Online Encyclopedia
An online resource on the people, sites, events, ideas, culture, and folkways that have shaped Maryland. Free online access at:

Medieval Latin, an Introduction and Bibliographical Guide
A guide to the Latin language and literature from 200 to 1500 C.E.
The Catholic University of America Press, 1996, ISBN-10: 0813208424, ISBN-13: 978-0813208428

Middle English Dictionary
A comprehensive analysis of lexicon and usage for the period 1100 to 1500 C.E.,based on the analysis of a collection of over three million citation slips. Free online access at:

New Georgia Encyclopedia
A multi-media reference resource that provides information on the history and cultural heritage of Georgia. Free online access at: http://www.

The New Georgia Guide
Eight hundred pages on the history and culture of Georgia, modeled after the Works Progress Administration travel guides of the 1940s.
University of Georgia Press, 1996, ISBN-10: 0820317993, ISBN-13: 978-0820317991

The New Handbook of Texas
An encyclopedia and biographical dictionary that covers the history of Texas from the Spanish explorers to twentieth-century immigrants.
Texas State Historical Association, 1996, ISBN-10: 0876111517, ISBN-13: 978-0876111512; free online access at:

New Historical Atlas of Religion in America
A detailed overview of religious expression in America, including maps, seminal texts, and analyses of how religions shape and influence American public life. Oxford University Press, 3rd edition, 2001, ISBN-10: 019509168X, ISBN-13:9780195091687

ONE (Online Nevada Encyclopdia)
A multimedia resource incorporating articles, images, and interactive media on the landscape, people, and events that have shaped life in the Silver State. Free online access at:

The Oregon Encyclopedia
A comprehensive compendium on Oregon’s history and culture. Free online access at:

Oxford Albanian-English Dictionary
A lexicon with over 75,000 entries and a pronunciation guide for this Indo-European language.
Oxford University Press, 2000, ISBN-10: 0198603223, ISBN-13: 978-0198603221

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
A collection of five thousand entries that explain Byzantine personages, institutions, geography, politics, art, and religion.
Oxford University Press, 1991, ISBN-10: 0195046528, ISBN-13: 978-0195046526; information about online access via subscription at:

Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary
A lexicon of Sumerian, the oldest known language to be preserved in written form, based on clay tablets written in cuneiform beginning around 3200 B.C.E. in what is now southern Iraq. Free online access at:

Puerto Rico Encyclopedia/la Enciclopedia de Puerto Rico en Línea
A bilingual collection of information on all aspects of Puerto Rico, including the diaspora, organized into twenty-one topics. Free online access at: http://www.

Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals/Répertoire international de la presse musicale (RIPM)
An international cooperative bibliographic resource that provides access to eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century periodical literature dealing with music. Information about the print series and online access via subscription at:

Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus
A reference work that traces the lexicographic and etymological origins of the entire family of Sino-Tibetan languages. Free online access at:

South Carolina Encyclopedia
A comprehensive reference on the people, places, events, things, achievements, and ideals that have contributed to the evolution of the Palmetto State. University of South Carolina Press, 2006, ISBN-10: 1570035989, ISBN-13: 978-1570035982

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
An authoritative online dynamic reference work that provides users with high-quality scholarship on a variety of topics relevant to the human condition. Free online access at:

The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe
Treats the history and culture of Jews in Eastern Europe from the beginnings of their settlement in the region to the present.
Yale University Press, 2 volumes, 2008, ISBN-10: 0300119038, ISBN 978-0300119039; free online access at