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Articles with keyword "Writing"

Detail of the tilework and one of the seven doors to Dar el-Makhzen.


During World War I, Edith Wharton Visited the Desert and Harems of Morocco, Leading to an Unforgettable Book

Taking a break from the Great War, the intrepid writer finds inspiration in the Maghreb.

hipster with cell phone


What Would Thoreau Think of Our 24-Hour News Cycle

He believed that faster news meant diminished quality.

The Rise of Writing: A Q&A with Deborah Brandt

By Blake Plante, NEH Research Intern

What happens when writing becomes more common than reading? In a time when it is easier than ever for people to publish their sentiments, what kinds of risks do writers face?

Boy looking at stream


Environmental Prophet Rachel Carson Cultivated a Culture of Wonder

Her writings show another side of the author of Silent Spring.

Tim Henderson

In Focus

Executive Function with Tennessee’s Tim Henderson

Books and literature are at the center of Humanities Tennessee's programming

Kay Boyle


Kay Boyle Knew Everyone and Saw It All

A writer witnesses a century of change

William James in 1865


The Thinker Who Believed in Doing

Modern psychology, as practiced in the United States, owes a huge debt to William James.

Portrait of Shirley Jackson


The Voice of Shirley Jackson Was Unnerving and Full of Foreboding

In a rare audio recording, the author revealed what her writing sounded like to her.