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Articles with keyword "World War II"

65th Infantry in Puetro Rico, 1941.


El Movimiento

Latino Americans, a sweeping new documentary, chronicles the experiences of Hispanics in the United States.


New Perspectives on the Cold War

Historian Melvyn Leffler talks about perceptions and misperceptions of the Cold War.


The Money Bean

Japanese traditions survive on a Kona coffee farm.


At War’s Painful Core

A legacy of loss from three wars is chronicled by the American Wars in Asia Project.


Women in Combat

Soviet women who fought in World War II tell their stories in an exhibition in Ohio.


Paving the Road to War

Franklin D. Roosevelt had his work cut out for him when he spoke to persuade Midwestern isolationists.


On the Trail of Lost Art

Historian Lynn H. Nichols talks about the theft of European treasures in World War II with William R. Ferris.


The Life of a Poet

The Pulitzer prize-winning poet speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the links between poetry and painting.

In Focus

Hawai'i's Bob Buss

Bob Buss promotes history in Hawai'i.