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Articles with keyword "twentieth century"

Illustration of nocturnal scene of a pool, a carp, and fireflies


Amy Lowell Anew

She was more interesting than her biographers let on.

Abstract artwork


Middle Eastern View

Geometric art connects different cultures.

Mary Pickford posing with motion picture camera


Pickford Mania

The darling of the silent-film industry led the way on many cinematic innovations of the era.

Martin Scorsese during the Venice Film Festival in 1998.


The Art of Martin Scorsese

Former chairman Jim Leach interviews the 2013 Jefferson Lecturer about growing up, making films, and capturing that special "something" on the big screen.

Carlota Santana dancing


Flamenco Family Portrait

How New York became a hub for Spanish dance.

Wonder Woman collage


Super Role Model

The evolution of Wonder Woman.


Write ’Em Cowboy

Poetry of life on the range finds an audience in Nebraska.


The Unknown Cold War

Top-secret documents provide a glimpse behind the Iron Curtain.

In Focus

Pennsylvania's Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly works to tell Pennsylvania's stories.


From Battlefield to Bungalow

Easy-to-assemble structures find a place in the twenty-first century.