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Articles with keyword "Twentienth century"

Athens Asylum


The Athens Asylum Was at the Forefront of Treatment in the 19th Century

A Victorian asylum has become a museum—and a setting for horror stories. 

Crowd at Coney Island


The Coney Island Exhibition That Captures Its Highs and Lows

For more than a century, Coney Island has stirred our senses.

Book jacket for The Crusades of Cesar Chavez


New Biography of Cesar Chavez Unearths Gritty Truth

The charismatic organizer and leader faltered as an administrator. 

Susan Sontag captured by photographer Peter Hujar in 1975.


Notes on Sontag

A new film on Susan Sontag gives an intimate look at her passions.


Writing Chicago

From Upton Sinclair to Richard Wright, Chicago has produced writers whose work reflects the spirit of the day.


The Nuances of Money

An interview with author James L. W. West III.


Almost a Masterpiece

The early version of what became The Great Gatsby will soon be in print.


American Modernists

An exhibition focuses on the twentieth-century artists who created a new aesthetic.


The Medici of the New World

How an art-loving physician named Albert C. Barnes took revenge on the critics by building a collection barred to them.


The Dance Master

Videos, photographs, and manuscripts document the legacy of choreographer Jerome Robbins.