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Articles with keyword "Thomas Jefferson"

Mount Vernon


Gardens of Presidents

Gardening was a pasttime and passion for the Founding Fathers.

John Adams portrait by Gianni Dagli Orti


Paper Trail

On letters, diaries, and other records of the American story at the Massachusetts Historical Society

Portrait of Martha Jefferson Randolph


Impertinent Questions with Cynthia A. Kierner

On the devoted oldest daughter of Thomas Jefferson.


Presidents Talking About the Presidency

Excerpts from seven of the NEH's presidential papers projects.


From Skyscrapers to Barns and Everything in Between

A new book roves through four centuries of Virginia's architecture.


The Trial of a Young Nation

John Marshall's Supreme Court makes a landmark decision establishing the power of judicial review.


West by Northwest with the Corps of Discovery

The Corps of Discovery heads into uncharted territory looking for a mythical passage to the Far East.


On the Trail with Lewis & Clark

Chairman Bruce Cole talks with historian Gary Moulton about the expedition's journals and the character of its leaders.


Upstairs Downstairs

Monticello comes to life in the rooms of its cooks, brewers, blacksmiths, and servants.

Portrait of Aaron Burr in 1802


Burr versus Jefferson versus Marshall

The president accuses his former vice president of treason and tussles with a Supreme Court justice.