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Articles with keyword "Technology"

A book stall and bookseller  in Delhi


The Future of the Humanities: Reading

As technology advances, doomsayers stay constant.

Tom Wolff photo of William Adams


The Education of William Adams

The new chairman of NEH almost failed out of college. He joined the Army, was sent to Vietnam, and came back a different person.

Walter Isaacson and Walker Percy


A Venn Diagram of Walter Isaacson

His research overlaps with reporting, his leadership with collaboration, his writing with old-fashioned storytelling.


Mali's Boy-King

A thirteenth-century epic of prophesy, exile, and empire goes digital.


How the Century Began

Historian H. W. Brands discusses turn-of-the-century anxieties and our own expectations for the future with Endowment chairman William R. Ferris.


Our Place in Time

An exhibition examines how technology has shaped American society.


Navigating Ancient Worlds

The realm of heroes and myths is transformed into an online library in the Perseus project.


The Imprint of Immortality

New digital technology is capturing the laws and legends of ancient Mesopotamia.


Tin Lizzies to T-Birds

Technology encounters the humanities in a website examining the automobile industry.