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Articles with keyword "Soviet Union"

Two American soldiers in Pleiku, South Vietnam, in May 1967


Studying the Vietnam War

What new scholarship is teaching us about the Vietnam War.

Paula A. Michaels


Impertinent Questions with Paula A. Michaels

On the Soviet experiment that became Lamaze.   

Getman collage


“The Greatest Genius of Mankind”

Website on Gulag presents daily struggle for survival


Women in Combat

Soviet women who fought in World War II tell their stories in an exhibition in Ohio.


The Unknown Cold War

Top-secret documents provide a glimpse behind the Iron Curtain.

Georges Collinet broadcasting "Bonjour L'Afrique from Washington, D.C.


From Maxi Voom Voom to Afropop

Georges Collinet was a rock ’n’ roll-playing, Cold War DJ; now he's an elder stateman of world music.

Plaque with face of Stefan Zeromski


Żeromski the Magnificent!

The novelist who captured Polish life even as it was changing

Philip Mosely with Fred Stolling


The Cold War’s Organization Man

How Philip Mosely helped Soviet Studies moderate U.S. foreign policy.

Image of Herbert Hoover


The Politics of Food

How America kept Russia from starving.