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Articles with keyword "Segregation"

Protest sign from the student strike in Prince Edward County, Virginia


Massive Resistance in a Small Town

The long struggle for integration in Prince Edward County, Virginia.


From Slavery to Scottsboro

The Southern Humanities Media Fund helps chronicle the changing face of the region.


Fighting Jim Crow

Eyewitnesses tell their stories in a new documentary about segregation.


Racism to Redemption

A new film reveals George C. Wallace as a man who made a Faustian bargain for power but sought forgiveness at life's end.


Partners of the Heart

An unconventional partnership leads to an advance in cardiac surgery.

Black Muslim rally, Harlem, 1963


Civil Rights and the Changing World

How history was made and how it's being written

Dave Brubeck


DAVE BRUBECK: Ambassador of Cool

The master of West Coast jazz blends his music with his advocacy for human rights.

Percy Julian in a laboratory


Percy Julian

A scientist makes inroads in chemistry and civil rights.

WWII soldiers


War Stories: The American People in World War II

An epic film documents the experiences of the citizen soldier and his community.

James Meredith


The Evolution of Ole Miss

Fifty years ago, James Meredith integrated the University of Mississippi.