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Articles with keyword "Religion"

Baptismal Record


Moldy Church Records in Latin America Document the Lives of Millions of Slaves

Now, intrepid scholars are saving those parish baptismal records from war, neglect, and rot. 

Young people in front of a theater in Berkeley, California, in the early 70s


The Late Great Planet Earth Made the Apocalypse a Popular Concern

How could one book be read so differently by millions of people?

Alan Kahan


Impertinent Questions with Alan Kahan

Tocqueville is still trenchant.

Illustration of Pilgrims


Who Were the Pilgrims Who Celebrated the First Thanksgiving?

Ric Burns’s close look at the Pilgrims may change how we think of them.



A Pair of Technologies Sheds New Light on Jubilees Palimpsest

An ancient text reveals a wider context for Biblical studies.

Marble statue of Artemis


How to Worship Artemis and Get Something in Return

Big show on Mount Solmissos

Image of 1835 revolt of slaves in Brazil


Manifest Beauty

"Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints," featuring the art of Brazil is on exhibit in Detroit.



The Chinese "Old Master" Laozi authored a book that would transform Chinese culture.

Martin Scorsese during the Venice Film Festival in 1998.


The Art of Martin Scorsese

Former chairman Jim Leach interviews the 2013 Jefferson Lecturer about growing up, making films, and capturing that special "something" on the big screen.


Women of Power

An eleventh-century nun with attitude becomes the subject of a Maryland film.