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Articles with keyword "popular culture"


A Penny for a Song

Musical broadsides give a glimpse of nineteenth-century popular culture.


Dazzling Magical Spectacular Madcap Broadway

A new film tracks one hundred years of stars and shows along the Great White Way.


A “Mad, Hulking Carnival” of American Life

Breaking some of the rules made Tom Wolfe a better observer.


Zap! Pow! Bam!

How Superman and friends began to fight for the little guy.


Game Playing

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole and author Steven Johnson discuss how video games challenge the way we think.

Asa Carter


Self-made Man

How a strident segregationist transformed into the beloved author of Little Tree.

Tobacco wagon


Excerpts from the Writings of Wendell Berry

On work and the work of local culture

Fashionably dressed Parisian women


The Color of Fashion

How two American women changed the stardards of style and scooped the Paris prognosticators.

San Francisco in the early 1900s


Impertinent Questions

Newspaper Contest in 1908 asked "When Is It Time to Go Home?"

Man in profile with spine-out books image superimposed on head


Humanities on the Brain

New collaborations between neuroscientists and humanists look to reunite the "two cultures" of the academy.