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Articles with keyword "politics"


Before the Storm

Barry Goldwater lost in 1964, but changing political winds led to a rise in conservatism.


Russia Engages the World

Peter the Great sets in motion reforms to draw the country out of isolation and mold it into an empire.


David McCullough, Chronicler of America

The Librarian of Congress looks at David McCullough's retelling of the American story.


Changing the Channel

Medalist Brian Lamb talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the early years of C-SPAN.


Women of Influence

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole talked recently with ABC and NPR news analyst Cokie Roberts about her most recent book, Founding Mothers, and the role women played in the early days of the Republic.

Lady Bird Johnson and hostesses aboard the Lady Bird Special


Lady Bird Special

The first First Lady to hit the campaign trail without her husband



Translating Politics

Political philosopher Harvey Mansfield and NEH Chairman Bruce Cole discuss the power of princes and the origins of modern government.

Silhouette of George Washington


How to Be Presidential

George Washington was not born a leader but he carefully made himself into one.

Asa Carter


Self-made Man

How a strident segregationist transformed into the beloved author of Little Tree.


Gangs of Baltimore

Election season in a city controlled by nativist hoodlums.