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John Wanamaker Monorail


John Wanamaker Monorail

Shouldn’t these tiny travelers be beaming?


The "Etheric Force Machine"

John Ernst Worrell Keely was, in his own words, “the greatest humbug of the nineteenth century.” The perpetrator of a long-running and remarkably elaborate pseudoscientific scam, Keely convinced numer

Exhibition Hall at Wagner Free Institute of Science in Philadelphia


Wagner Free Institute of Science

The Exhibition Hall at the Wagner Free Institute of Science in Philadelphia, with its original systematic scheme of cherry-wood cabinets dating from the 1880s, provides a rare view of a Victorian scie

Barry Faulkner’s 1936 rendition of the Constitutional Convention


The First Dissenters

George Mason swore he would rather "chop off his right hand" than sign the Constitution.

American Nursing book jacket


Medical Assurance

Gallup polls consistently rank nurses as among the most honest and ethical professionals.