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Bookbinding tool known as a fillet


Tools of the Bookbinding Trade Can Be Found in Pennsylvania

Eighteen miles west of Philadelphiia, a collection in a national historic district reveals how you can judge a book by its cover.

1871 plan of the borough of Downingtown.

50 States of Preservation: Chester County Archives and Records Services in West Chester, PA

By Ralph Canevali

The Chester County Archives and Records Services contains extensive records on the history of the region around West Chester, PA.

Laurie Zierer

In Focus

Executive Function with Laurie Zierer

Pennsylvania Humanities Council director Laurie Zierer works to close achievement gaps through reading, collaboration, and storytelling.

Drawing of farm


Picturing the Farms of Ohio and Pennsylvania

An itinerant artist chronicles farm life in America.

Mount Vernon


Gardens of Presidents

Gardening was a pasttime and passion for the Founding Fathers.

Miller lanceolate point


The First Americans

What we think we know about the arrival of Homo sapiens on this continent.

Book cover


"Hotter than the Bloomin' Hobs of Hell"

Historically, iron foundries could fire the imagination or soothe the visual palate.

scene from Bee-luther-hatchee


Right to Write

A play in Pennsylvania asks, "what is authentic?"