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Articles with keyword "Oregon"

Adam Davis

In Focus

Adam Davis of Oregon Humanities

Head of OH plants seeds for discussion, not consensus.


Outgrowing Myths

Writer William Kittredge reflects on the passing of the Old West and the growing pains of the new with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris.


Making Meta Connections

Nineteen institutions combine resources to give a view of the American Northwest.

World Knitting Day 2008


She’s Crafty

Domesticity on the rise in Oregon.


Simple Things

Oregon Humanities magazine’s summer ’09 issue provokes much thought on the matter of things, possessions, or, as the editors call it, “stuff.” The issue is stuffed with stuff on stuff, includ

Happy Campers, Class of ’09 at the University of Portland


Happy Camp

Happy Campers convene in Oregon.

Wheel of Cogitation


Wheel of Cogitation

Oregon Humanities’ Wheel of Cogitation travels about to street fairs with the aim of starting conversations that lead to an exchange of ideas.