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Articles with keyword "oral history"

Masked participant at Fasnacht in Helvetia, West Virginia


Helvetia, a Traditional Swiss Village in the Hills of West Virginia

In West Virginia, a village celebrates its Swiss roots.

Gene Feher’s cap.


Speaking About Vietnam

Maryland high school students interview local Vietnam War veterans.

The MacArthur Theater


Memories of a Neighborhood Movie Theater, from When There Was Such a Thing

Oral histories mark the role of the neighborhood movie house


In Their Own Words

From recessions to computers, changes upend the steel belt near Detroit.


Tin Lizzies to T-Birds

Technology encounters the humanities in a website examining the automobile industry.


Word of Mouth

Oral histories are onstage in Ohio.

In Focus

Stories Behind the Documents

Michael Gillette is preserving the past in Texas.

In Focus

Mississippi's Barbara Carpenter

Barbara Carpenter collects oral histories that show Mississippi's diverse ethnic heritage.

Image of Ralph Lewin

In Focus

California's Ralph Lewin

From fast times at Clairemont High to the California Humanities, Ralph Lewin has always been fascinated with stories.

Image of Shelley Crisp

In Focus

North Carolina’s Shelley Crisp

Poet Shelley Crisp brings her passion for place to North Carolina.