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Articles with keyword "New York City"

Masked New York City policeman, 1918


The Devastation of 1918

An online encyclopedia created at the University of Michigan includes thousands of documents detailing the U.S. response to the 1918 flu crisis.

Book cover of Tatooing the World


A Marked Man

For nineteenth-century sailor, tattoos both smoothed the way and caused alarm.


The Quintessential City

New York on film captures "the city that never sleeps."

In Focus

A New Awareness in New York

New York's David Cronin works to teach global understanding.


American Modernists

An exhibition focuses on the twentieth-century artists who created a new aesthetic.


Fight of the Century

A historic boxing match pits the son of a black Alabama sharecropper against a hero of the Third Reich.

A still from "The Soul of Youth." 1920


Film as Argument

The early disputatious days of American movies.


Editor's Note, March/April 2013

Scorsese blurs the line between entertainment and art.


Poised Pen

A traveling exhibition opens at the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Washington, D.C.


Not Just Another Ice-Cream-Suit-Wearing, Pen-Wielding Master of the Statusphere

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole speaks with Tom Wolfe about his role as the Balzac of our times.