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Articles with keyword "Middle Ages"

Medieval water vessel (aquamanile) showing Aristotle and Phyllis


Object Lesson: Did Aristotle Really Humiliate Himself for Phyllis?

The legend of Aristotle and Phyllis decorated everyday objects in the Middle Ages.

Detail from a portrait of Anne Boleyn


Scholar Stretches Truth: English Professor Bruce Holsinger on Writing Historical Fiction

Writers of historical fiction look for the plausible when manipulating the facts


Amid Rubble and Myth

Excavations beneath Florence's cathedral reveal a church for a saint that never was.


Chivalry Revisited

Romance, poetry, and protest literature are rescued from obscurity.


A Personal Reminiscence

Reflections on the approach of an "improper medievalist" to feasting, the body, and death.


From the Medieval to the Modern

1999 Jefferson Lecturer Caroline Walker Bynum talks about the legacy of the Middle Ages to the present day.


High Finance

For clients ranging from courtesans to Voltaire, notaries served as financial advisers in eighteenth-century France.

Illustration of medieval mystery play.


The Body of Christ

Theology became flesh and blood in the sacred street theater of medieval England.

Genevieve receiving King Mark's letter


Dating Fashionable Middle-Aged People

A scholar's epic journey to catalog two hundred years of medieval dress.