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Articles with keyword "Mexico"

Painting of Mexican mother and child


Spanish Conquistadors and Mexican Vaqueros Left an Indelible Stamp on the Lone Star State.

Portraits, landscape paintings, drawings, and historical maps flesh out the cultural history.


Reconsidering Rivera

The Mexican muralist sought to create art "capable of persuading and educating the masses."


Crossroads of Conflict

The U.S.-Mexican War is retold by both sides in a new documentary.

Man fleeing slave catchers


South to Freedom

The Underground Railroad also led to Mexico.


Reverse Immigration: Through a Mariachi’s Eyes

A film documents the struggles of a Mexican musician.

Cholula-style ceramic goblet


Artists Rule

How a feathered serpent god presided over a forgotten golden age of Mexican art.

Book cover for Stidentism


Stridentism: Motors and Wings Included

Mexican Cultural Movement in the Twenties Had Plenty of Varoom

Photograph of Fort Ross


Russian Dreams of an American Colony

Fort Ross on California's rocky coast contained an oasis of Russian refinement.

Image of Rest and Work, 1941, by Jean Charlot.


The Art of Influence

Nebraska hosts talks on the reach of the Mexican muralists.

Tecuani mask from the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas


Mexic-Arte Museum

Cortez’s conquest of the Aztecs, the Seven Deadly Sins, and Mexican Independence are among the many themes of the masked dances of the Nahua Indians of central Mexico.