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Articles with keyword "Massachusetts"

Snowshoers on Cherry Mountain, NH February 1917.

50 States of Preservation: The Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston, Massachusetts

By Ralph Canevali

The Appalachian Mountain Club is the nation’s oldest nonprofit conservation and recreation organization, established in 1876 to promote exploration and conservation of nearby wilderness areas and, in particular, the pristine White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Lindberghs in plane with open cockpits


To Bring the Humanities to All Americans, NEH Needed Local Partners

How the state humanities councils expanded and helped fulfill the mission of NEH

Gloucester, 1961


In Mid Twentieth Century, Folly Cove Artisans Reunited Designers and Craftsmen

Local aesthetic caught eye of national retailers.


Safe Harbor

A town in Massachusetts opens its doors to fugitive slaves.


The Trial of Anthony Burns

Students reevaluate the trail of the last fugitive slave and the judge who judged him.


Strange Alliances

With the fates of North America still uncertain, the French and three Indian tribes raid a British settlement.


Hawthorne’s Virtual Salem

A website offers tools to explore the world of the nineteenth-century author.

USS Constitution


Fractures of 1812

Massachusetts nearly secedes during the War of 1812.

Photo of Bob Stewart looking over tornado damage

In Focus

Alabama's Bob Stewart

Alabama's Bob Stewart Builds and rebuilds on the humanities.


Revolt of the Masses

From Mass Moments, a website ( that is a daily almanac of significant events in the state’s history. It can also be received as a podcast or RSS feed.