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Articles with keyword "Maine"

An early view of the L.C. Bates Museum building c. 1911.

50 States of Preservation: L.C. Bates Museum in Fairfield, ME

By Ralph Canevali

Located in the small town of Fairfield, Maine, the L.C. Bates Museum has a unique history.

1928 map of Portland Maine and Some Places Thereabout.

Historical Atlas of Maine Wins Major Awards!

By Mary Downs

Opening the pages of the Historical Atlas of Maine one can’t but marvel at the state’s rich history – at once integral to the growth of the United States as a nation, at the same time uniquely local, a rugged and remote land that evokes a powerful sense of place and that has supported diverse populations throughout its history.

View of a lake in Maine


E. B. White’s Song of Summer

His famous essay takes us to Maine.

19th-century copy of a Vierbiest world map


Global Impact

The Osher Map Library invites the whole world in.

Hayden Anderson

In Focus

Maine's Hayden Anderson

From blueberry pies to veteran reading programs, Hayden Anderson applies purity of thinking.


Vinalhaven Remembers its Great Age of Granite

A photography exhibition recalls one of Maine's lost industries.

In Focus

Dorothy Schwartz of Maine

The director of the Maine Humanities Council speaks about community-driven programs and renewing civic culture.

Erik Jorgensen, executive director of the Maine Humanities Council

In Focus

Maine’s Erik Jorgensen

Erik Jorgensen, captain of the Maine Humanities Council.

Image of rameau tressé, symbol of faith.


Voici the Valley

When most of us hear talk of Acadians, we think of Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline and of the British forcing French-speakers from eastern, maritime Canada in the mid eighteenth century.