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Articles with keyword "language"

Cholula-style ceramic goblet


Artists Rule

How a feathered serpent god presided over a forgotten golden age of Mexican art.


One Master, Many Cervantes

Numerous translations of Don Quixote, some made without knowledge of Spanish, attest to the novel’s long reach.

Gregory W. Kimura

In Focus

Alaska’s Gregory W. Kimura

Gregory W. Kimura bridges urban and rural worldviews with humanities programming.


What Words Are Worth

In defense of the humanities.


Apocalypse Not

In few fields is the gap separating educated opinion from specialist opinion so wide as in linguistics.

Noah Webster


Better Living through Spelling

Connecticut celebrates Noah Webster.

Edwin L. Battistella


Impertinent Questions with Edwin L. Battistella

On the self-help career of grammarian Sherwin Cody.

The Economic Activities of the Narragansett Planters, 1939


Name-Dropping In Rhode Island

Familiarly known as the “Ocean State,” Rhode Island’s full official name includes “and Providence Plantations,” words the state legislature has resolved to drop.

The Mizpah Arch, Denver


Mile High Station

Denver's Union Station made the city take off.

La Virgen de Guadalupe


The United States of Mestizo

A term of conquest and miscegenation now describes a cosmopolitan identity and worldview.