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Articles with keyword "language"

illustration of two girls sitting at piano, playing it


What Is Music?

An ethnomusicologist says he is not sure.

World map in the Western Syriac script


Wherever Syriac Is spoken

Gazetteer provides lay of the land

Illustration of a waitress with serving tray


The American Language

A historical database of English in the U.S.


Editor's Note


A Struggle for Identity

A new traveling exhibition examines how deaf people define themselves, communicate, and use technology.


Dear Harry . . . Dear Wm

The letters of the James brothers offer a window to the nineteenth century.


Five Who Make a Difference

Profiles of the 1996 Charles Frankel Prize Winners: Rita Dove, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Daniel Kemmis, Arturo Madrid, and Bill Moyers.


A Labor of Love

Covering the English language from the Norman Conquest to the advent of printing, the Middle English Dictionary is published.

In Focus

Puerto Rico’s Juan González Lamela

Juan González Lamela brings Puerto Rico's heritage to its citizens.

letter press type


Do-It-Yourself Language

Esperanto, Klingon, "Oirish," and others.